Monday , January 22 2018

Huawei eNSP – news

A new Huawei network simulator eNSP has been released.

You can download it clicking on the picture below:


Anyway, the first version of Huawei eNSP was introduced one year ago. I would like to know your opinions about the simulator. What is your experience with it? Is it helpful of useless for you? Feel free to express you thoughts.

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local PBR on Huawei AR routers

Some time ago I wrote about interface policy-based routing PBR. Today I will show you example of local PBR configuration on Huawei AR routers. Local PBR allows you to forward packets through different interfaces or to different hops. Unlike interface PBR, local PBR is used for locally generated packets and classifies packets based on source addresses or packet lengths.

Let’s look at the topology and configure as follows:

  1. Locally generated ICMP packets (with the size of 70-1300 bytes) will be sent to next hop IP address
  2. Locally generated ICMP packets (with the size of 1301-1500 bytes) will be sent to outbound interface GE0/0/1.

Configure IP addresses and static routes to ensure connectivity between loopback interfaces of both routers:

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from Huawei CLI – “arp-ping”

I have never used it but it looks interesting. Arp-ping lets us to check whether a specified IP address or MAC address is being used in a LAN. Intrigued, I opened Huawei eNSP simulator to check this feature. Results are not fully satisfied. As arp-ping IP works correctly, I cannot say the same about arp-ping MAC. There are some problems with communication between router and hosts. It looks like router does not receive ICMP Echo Reply packets from hosts in the LAN. I checked the same between router and switch “labnario_SW2″. Results look promising. Let’s pass on to the lab.

Labnario_RT config:

vlan batch 100 200
interface Vlanif100
 ip address 
interface Ethernet0/0/0
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk allow-pass vlan 100
interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
 ip address

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console cable for Huawei ATN950B

Huawei ATN950B routers are designed and intended for Metropolitan Area Networks. They are relatively new devices and often used in IP RAN solutions for 2G, 3G and LTE.

But I would not like to describe this product. Let’s focus on console cable for ATN950B.

Let’s imagine you have such router, power it on and try to connect to console port. And … nothing …, no any prompt. A standard console cable, you used for NE40E or CX600, does not work.

Do not panic, do it yourself using standard console cable. How to do this? Look below:

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how to activate 10GE on CX600-X1-X2 platform

And after the holidays …

We can bring up a subject of 10GE interfaces on Huawei CX600-X1-X2 platform. The short subject but can be useful.

Let’s imagine that you have NPUI board installed on the router:

<CX600>display elabel 1

Description=CX600,CX67NPUI20,Network Processing Unit Integrated with 2-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP

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