Sunday , July 21 2024

how to display electronic labels

display elabel [ backplane | slot-id ]

Using this command lets you to display electronic labels of the boards installed. If you do not specify slot-id you will see information about all the boards. An output of this command includes among others:

  • type of boards and PIC cards
  • bar code
  • English description
  • BOM
  • vendor’s name.

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Huawei basic user environment

As you already know you can assign a different privilege level for each user, configured on a Huawei device. How to configure local user and how to access Huawei device you can read in one of my previous posts.

user privilege level

Today I want to focus on the privilege level of local user. Each year lots of accidents in IP networks are caused by inexperienced employees. We can decrease the number of such accidents setting privilege level for local users, logging into network devices. Setting a lower privilege level for such employees increases networks’ safety. For more experienced engineers  we can either configure higher privilege level or set a super password, to let them to perform advanced operation.

Let’s assume that we have created a local user with the lowest priority:

local-user labnario password cipher &EU15O"Q3/;Q=^Q`MAF4<1!!
 local-user labnario service-type telnet
 local-user labnario level 0

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from Huawei CLI – header …

header { login | shell }

login – header text is displayed after you are trying to log into a device

shell – header text is displayed after you are successfully logged into a device

Example of configuring header login by using plain text:
[labnario]header login information %
The banner text supports 220 characters max, including the start and
the end character.If you want to enter more than this, use banner file
instead.Input banner text, and quit with the character '%':
welcome to labnario network lab!!!%

Remember that the initial and end characters must be the same. In this case % has been used. The interaction starts after you put % and then enter and automatically closes when you write your header text and put % again.

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Huawei certification

Is it worth to pass Huawei certification exams?

Maybe some of you will say “yes, it is”.

Maybe some of you will be sceptical.

For those who want to know more about Huawei certification I am sending a link to official Huawei website.

For those who want to read more news about Huawei certification I can recommend an interview by IT Certification Master.

What is your opinion about Huawei certification? Have you had any experience with Huawei certification track?

Be invited to express your opinion. Any comments are appreciated.

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mirroring on Huawei AR19/29/49 routers

If you want to look into packets sent or received by a router, and there is no possible to display them by command, the simplest and fastest way is to use mirroring. Unfortunately, in case of AR routers, you have to go on-site to connect packets’ analyser (for example Wireshark). Comparing to NE routers, AR routers do not support remote mirroring.

There are two types of mirroring on AR routers:

  • port mirroring

Port mirroring is to copy all packets from mirroring port to another port, which is called monitor port. Monitor port is that where a monitoring device is connected to. AR routers support local port mirroring for inbound and outbound direction.

  • traffic mirroring

Traffic mirroring is to copy specified packets, by QoS policy, to a specific destination and send them to an interface for analysis. Traffic mirroring is supported on AR29 and AR49 routers.

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