Wednesday , January 17 2018
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About the Author

Mariusz Stola is IT Product Line Team Leader, previously Datacom Engineer at Huawei in Warsaw, Poland. He started his adventure with Huawei in 2005, previously working in Polish Telecom (Orange) and as an officer in the Polish Army. He has had opportunity to take part in designing, implementing and maintaining BGP/MPLS networks for most of mobile operators in Poland. He has had an experience with Huawei products like NE80E, NE40E, CX600, ATN950B, S9300, S6300, S5300, U2000. Now he is responsible for projects, based on Huawei IT equipment and virtualization software. He is a husband of his wife and father of his son and daughter. He likes spending time actively, practising martial arts, windsurfing, skiing or just going to the gym to unload stress. He is known for his blog here at labnario. You can reach him using Huawei from Scratch community.

The opinions expressed in individaul articles and blog posts are entirely the author’s opinions. There is absolutely no assurance (apart from author’s professional integrity) that any statement contained in a post is true, correct or precise. Even if a statement made in the post is accurate, it may only be accurate in the contect of a specific release running on specific hardware platform.