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new options in display elabel command

Some time ago I described how to display electronic labels. As you probably could see, the displayed information looked illegibly, especially for budding engineers.

Starting from V6R6 software of carrier class devices (like Huawei NE40E, CX600), it looks much better. You have all the information at a glance:

<labnario>display elabel brief
Slot     BoardType    BarCode                 Description
LPU 1    CR52LPUF40A  030KWD10AB000351        LPUF-40-A
  PIC 0  CR52L2XXN0   03675210A9000134        P40-2x10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP
  PIC 1  CR52L2XXN0   03675210A9000115        P40-2x10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP
LPU 2    CR52LPUF40A  030KWD10B7000867        LPUF-40-A
  PIC 0  CR52L2XXN0   03675210B7001018        P40-2x10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP
  PIC 1  CR52L2XXN0   03675210B7001188        P40-2x10GBase LAN/WAN-XFP
LPU 3    CR52LPUKD0   030KJY10A8000126        LPUF-21-A
  PIC 0  CR52L1XX0    030GSK10A9002012
  PIC 1  CR52L1XX0    030GSK10B7001228
LPU 7    CR52LPUKD0   030KJY10B1000383        LPUF-21-A
  PIC 0  CR52L1XX0    030GSK10A2001595
  PIC 1  CR52EBGF0    030GSH10B1000971
LPU 8    CR52LPUKD0   030KJY10CC001471        LPUF-21-A
  PIC 0  CR52L1XX0    030GSK10A2001005
  PIC 1  CR52EBGF0    030GSH10B1000795
MPU 9    CR57SRU40A4  030KSR10AA000258        SRUA4-40
MPU 10   CR57SRU40A4  030KSR10AA000175        SRUA4-40
SFU 11   CR57SFU40C0  030KSY10A9000472        SFUI-40-C
SFU 12
SFU 13

This is not the end. We have more options:

<labnario>display elabel ?
  <1-2,7-11>      The present slot
  backplane       The backplane
  brief           brief
  fuse-unit       Fuse Board
  optical-module  optical-module
  |               Matching output

Let’s try to display optical modules:

<labnario>display elabel optical-module brief
Port      BoardType          BarCode         VendorName        Description
Eth1/0/0  HUXF-MM85300-GP    XA9V200007      GBC PHOTONICS     9900Mb/s-850nm-L
                                                               C-300m(EBW 50/12

Eth1/0/1  FTLX1412M3BCL      UL109YQ         FINISAR CORP.     9900Mb/s-1310nm-

Eth1/1/0  TRF5013FN-GA420    T10J17302       Opnext Inc.       10000Mb/s-1310nm

Eth1/1/1  FTLX1412M3BCL      UHB00LR         FINISAR CORP.     9900Mb/s-1310nm-

Eth2/0/0  XF-MM85300-GP      XA9V200003      GBC               9900Mb/s-850nm-L
                                                               C-300m(EBW 50/12

I think it’s a good solution yet simple, don’t you?

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