Friday , June 21 2024

PIM DM control messages

To understand how PIM DM works, just look at control messages generated.

Let’s take topology from the last lab:

PIM DM topology on Huawei S5700

After PIM DM is configured on interfaces between neighbors, both devices periodically send HELLO messages to each other, to discover neighbors and maintain the neighbor relationship:

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NAP – Neighbor Access Protocol

NAP is a Huawei proprietary protocol, which implements remote configuration in Layer 3 networks. It allows to log into an unconfigured device from a directly connected device. It is very simple and can be really helpful, when implementing new devices. NAP establishes a temporary neighbor relationship between configured and unconfigured devices. Both must be directly connected through a physical link. When NAP relationship is established, telnet can be done to the unconfigured device.

NAP relationship can be established in two different ways:

  • Automatically – using IP addresses allocated by the system
  • Statically – using IP addresses allocated by the administrator.

NAP cannot be used on interfaces, configured with commands affecting the IP address configuration or IP packet forwarding, such as commands related to VPNs or Ethernet trunks.

How to use NAP? Let’s assume that we have two switches as in the picture below:

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PIM DM on Huawei S5700

PIM DM topology on Huawei S5700

  1. Configure IP addresses based on the above topology (omitted).
  2. Use OSPF to assure connectivity between switches.
  3. Enable multicast on both switches.
  4. Enable PIM DM on all interfaces.
  5. Address of multicast group G:
  6. Address of multicast group S:

OSPF configuration:

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welcome to new labnario

As you can see this post so probably new DNS servers started working correctly.

What’s new here on labnario?

In addition to a new look, a technical forum has been published. You can write your questions, describe technical problems or just talk about everything and nothing in Hyde Park category. It depends on you if this forum meets its goal. I wouldn’t like to close it due to a little activity. As I see, such a fate befalls most technical forums on the internet. I count on your activity here on the forum. Let’s build a forum of which we can be proud of.

I’m still working to properly assign links on the blog. Most of links direct you to the old blog. It will be changed ASAP.

As it was not possible to move all posts from the old blog automatically, I had to do this manually. That’s why there is a significant probability of mistakes. If you find them, just let me know.

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