Friday , February 21 2020

OSPF troubleshooting – neighbour relationship

Huawei NE40E OSPF basic configuration:
#ospf 1 router-id
  authentication-mode simple plain labnario
How to display OSPF neighbour:
[NE40E-1]display ospf peer

         OSPF Process 1 with Router ID

 Area interface's neighbors
 Router ID:          Address:
   State: Full  Mode:Nbr is  Master  Priority: 1
   DR:  BDR:  MTU: 0
   Dead timer due in 34  sec
   Retrans timer interval: 5
   Neighbor is up for 00:33:07
   Authentication Sequence: [ 0 ]

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traffic policy on Huawei router

That was to be expected. Poland is out of Euro Cup. The only thing we can do is to come back to the real world :).

Today I will show you how to use ACLs and traffic policies for packets’ lost troubleshooting in a network.

Huawei ACL and traffic policy configuration

Let’s assume that we have such topology:

What we have to do is to check end-to-end connectivity between CE and R2 Loopback100 interface, to find where packets are being lost.

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screen length of terminal

24 – the default number of lines on one screen

<NE40E> display current-configuration
 sysname NE40E
 super password level 1 simple huawei1
 super password level 3 simple huawei
 super password level 15 simple labnario
 FTP server enable
 FTP acl 2000
 info-center source BFD channel 1 log level informational
 info-center loghost source GigabitEthernet0/0/0
 info-center loghost facility local4
 vlan batch 31 to 32 98 100
 hotkey CTRL_U "display ip interface brief"
 undo cluster enable
snmp-agent trap type base-trap
 load-balance ip-enhance all
  ---- More ----

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OSPF packets

As you probably know there are five types of OSFP packets:

All these packets, except Hellos, are sent only between adjacent routers.

LSA types

There are 5 common LSA types:

  • Router-LSA and Network-LSA calculate intra-area routes describing detailed link state information.
  • Network-Summary-LSA calculates inter-area routes describing brief routing information instead of link state information
  • ASBR-Summary-LSA describes how to reach ASBR
  • AS-External-LSA describes how to reach destinations outside AS.

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from Huawei CLI – display this

display this

Very useful and very often used command on Huawei’s devices. You can use it in any view. Any time you configure something, you can use it to check what you have configured. If you set parameters, that are the same with the default ones, these parameters will not be displayed. Anyway “display current-configuration” does not also show the default parameters.

Example 1 (interface view):

[NE-GigabitEthernet1/0/1]display this
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
 description test
 undo shutdown
 ip address
 isis enable 1
 isis circuit-type p2p
 isis circuit-level level-2
 isis cost 100
 isis bfd enable
 mpls te
 mpls rsvp-te
 mpls rsvp-te hello

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