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OSPF network types

In the era of ethernet transport technology we cannot forget about older, but still widely used ATM and FR technologies. Taking OSPF into consideration, it classifies networks based on link layers protocols. That’s why we have such terms like:

  • broadcast
  • non-broadcast multiple access NBMA
  • point-to-mulitpoint P2MP
  • point-to-point P2P.


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from Huawei CLI – reset saved-configuration

reset saved-configuration

If you need to reconfigure a Huawei device and do not want to delete its configuration line by line, it is the fastest way to restore the device to the default configuration. Reset saved-configuration command does not delete the existing configuration file in storage device. It is required to restart the device to activate changes. Before reboot, the device compares the configuration file to be loaded at the next startup and existing file to be deleted. Finally the device:

  • loads the default configuration if both files are the same
  • deletes the configuration file in use if they are different
  • displays a message indicating that the configuration file does not exist if the configuration file to be deleted does not exist
<labnario> reset saved-configuration
The action will delete the saved configuration in the device.
The configuration will be erased to reconfigure. Continue? [Y/N]: y

Which configuration file is set as the “next startup saved-configuration file” you can check by the following command:

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Huawei cheat sheet – Huawei CLI

I have been describing Huawei datacom devices on my blog since July 2011. I started with some basic information about Huawei CLI, access methods and upgrade procedures. Then I showed you more advanced topics like PBR, DHCP etc. I am pleasantly surprised that this blog is visited by people from all continents, even from countries I have never heard about. As this blog is getting more and more popular I will do my best to publish more interesting posts.

As we went through a some stage, I have decided to prepare a cheat sheet describing Huawei CLI. You can download it as PDF, print and keep it :). I hope it will be useful for you.

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