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from Huawei CLI – rollback configuration

Well known feature from JunOS, now implemented by Huawei in Cloud Engines switches like CE12800, CE7800, CE6800 and CE5800. This feature will be implemented in NE routers as well, starting from V8R6 software version.


We have opportunity to choose wheter changes can be saved automatically or must wait for administrator’s confirmation:


In this case, the configuration takes effect after you run the commit command (two-phase validation mode).

system-view immediately

The configuration takes effect immidiatelly after you input a command and press enter.

commit [ trial [ time ] ] [ label label ] [ description description ]

I suppose that description and label don’t require any explanation. What is trial? It enables the trial running of new functions and services without interrupting the services running on the network. Time parameter specifies the timeout period for the trial. After it expires, the configuration, in the trial period, rolls back automatically.

rollback configuration { to { commit-id commit-id | label label | file file-name } | last number-of-commits }
  • Commit-id is the value the system generates automatically.
  • Label and file name indicate the historical configuration state to which the system configuration is expected to roll back.
  • Last specifies the number of configuration rollback points. The system will be rolled back to the state before these configuration rollback points.

Related useful commands:

display configuration candidate

It displays all uncommitted configuration.

clear configuration candidate

The uncommitted configuration is deleted.

display configuration commit list [ verbose ] [ number-of-commits | label ]
display configuration commit changes [ at commit-id | since commit-id | last number-of-commits ]
display configuration rollback result

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