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memory usage alarm threshold

 Huawei AR routers have easy and effective memory usage monitoring tool. When memory usage exceeds configured threshold, the system logs the event and generates an alarm. When memory usage falls within the alarm threshold, the system generates a clear alarm.

By default memory usage threshold is set to 90% when the memory capacity on the interface board is lower than or equal to 128MB, and 95% when the memory capacity is higher that 128MB. Memory usage threshold can be easly changed using command:

[labnario]set memory-usage threshold 75

To check memory usage alarm threshold:

[labnario]display memory-usage threshold 
 Current memory threshold of the main board is 75%.

To restore the default memory usage alarm threshold, use command:

[labnario]undo set memory-usage threshold

Be carefull when changing memory usage alarm threshold because router can frequently generate alarms when the threshold is set too low. When it is set too high, it may be to late to take appriopriate action.

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