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from Huawei CLI – display this

display this

Very useful and very often used command on Huawei’s devices. You can use it in any view. Any time you configure something, you can use it to check what you have configured. If you set parameters, that are the same with the default ones, these parameters will not be displayed. Anyway “display current-configuration” does not also show the default parameters.

Example 1 (interface view):

[NE-GigabitEthernet1/0/1]display this
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
 description test
 undo shutdown
 ip address
 isis enable 1
 isis circuit-type p2p
 isis circuit-level level-2
 isis cost 100
 isis bfd enable
 mpls te
 mpls rsvp-te
 mpls rsvp-te hello

Example 2 (isis view):

[NE-isis-1]display this
isis 1
 is-level level-2
 cost-style wide
 flash-flood level-2
 network-entity 49.0310.0100.0125.5025.00
 is-name labnario
 traffic-eng level-2
 set-overload on-startup

Example 3 (vpn-instance view):

[NE-vpn-instance-labnario]display this
ip vpn-instance labnario
 description test
 vpn-target export-extcommunity
 vpn-target import-extcommunity

Example 4 (aaa view):

[NE-aaa]display this
 local-user labnario password cipher &EU15O"Q3/;Q=^Q`MAF4
 local-user labnario service-type ftp terminal telnet ssh
 local-user labnario level 15
 local-user labnario ftp-directory cfcard:/
 authentication-scheme default
  authentication-mode  local  radius
 authentication-scheme default0
 authentication-scheme default1
 authorization-scheme default
 accounting-scheme default
 accounting-scheme default0
 accounting-scheme default1
 domain default
 domain default0
 domain default1

Example 5 (ACL view):

[NE-acl-adv-3003]display this
acl number 3003
 rule 10 permit ip destination 0

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