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from Huawei CLI – output modifiers

I decided to spend my vacation without access to internet, only wife, children, beach and windsurfing. I succeeded, September 3rd was the first day, after 3 weeks of my vacation, when I opened my mail box. Sorry for the delay in replying for your emails.

Last time I was asked about a procedure how to upload files through console port. The procedure is simple and I will try to show it in this post. Taking Huawei’s S3300 switch as an example I will show you how to upload file through console port, upgrading bootrom at the same time. Notice that uploading files by console is very slow and it is better to use it only for small files, unless you do not have any other choice.

Please use HyperTerminal to upload files by console port.

Power on the switch and enter into bootrom mode by pressing CTRL+B (default password huawei):


Copyright (c) 2008-2010 HUAWEI TECH CO., LTD.
(Ver329, Aug 17 2010, 02:01:19)
Press Ctrl+B to enter BOOTROM menu ... 2


1. Boot with default mode
2. Enter serial submenu
3. Enter startup submenu
4. Enter ethernet submenu
5. Enter filesystem submenu
6. Modify BOOTROM password
7. Reboot
Enter your choice(1-7): 2

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