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labnario – overview of Huawei datacom technology

For sure all network engineers know the word Cisco… Some of them know the word Juniper… Has anyone heard about Huawei?

Probably some of you have but it is still not so popular like its competitors. It seems to be a niche in IP networks worldwide. What is a reason of it? I’ll leave this question without any answer. Maybe you can answer it. Please let me know your opinion.

Datacom devices are small part of Huawei’s portfolio, which let you build end-to-end solution, both for telecom and enterprise networks. Besides Datacom Technology, in Huawei’s portfolio, we can find Radio Access, Fixed Access, Transport Network, Core Network and Software.

As Huawei is getting more and more popular it is time to show you that it is really an alternative for other vendors. This blog is just to popularize Huawei’s datacom devices throughout the world. What I want to do in this blog is to show you potential of this equipment, configuration tricks and technologies used by this equipment. I wouldn’t like to talk about Huawei as a company but about technical aspects of working in Huawei.

I hope this blog will be helpful for you and become the first knowledge base, for Huawei Datacom devices, on the internet.


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