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from Huawei CLI – schedule reboot

schedule reboot { at time | delay interval }

When can you use this command?

You can always use it 🙂

Seriously telling, you can use it in cases, when there is probability that your work and a new configuration can cause a device to be unavailable. Sometimes it is necessary to change a configuration of a device, which is not accessible by console, but only by remote connection. Specially if you are changing IP addresses or doing some experiments with access methods of the device. Even if you tested everything in your lab and you are sure that everything will go smoothly, it is better to remember about this function. People make mistakes. After you configured schedule reboot function, you are sure that all your mistakes can be repair by reboot of the device, with the restriction that the new configuration is not saved. Of course I am talking about some small or less important devices. For more important or crucial devices it is recommended to use console connection (console server).

Remember to turn this function off when you are sure that everything works properly!

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