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from Huawei CLI – lock and send

Today a few words about 2 simple but useful commands: lock and send.

LOCK – prevents unauthorized users from operating on the current terminal interface

SEND – enables the system to transfer messages between user interfaces

Let’s look how they work on Huawei S5700 switch.

Enter Password:
Confirm Password:

 Info: The terminal is locked. 

Enter Password:


<labnario>send ?
  INTEGER  Specify a user terminal interface and configure it
  all            All user terminal interfaces
  console        Primary user terminal interface
  vty            The virtual user terminal interface

<labnario>send all

Enter message, end with CTRL+Z or Enter; abort with CTRL+C:
Give me your "LIKE" on Facebook!!!
Warning: Send the message? [Y/N]:y

Info: Receive a message from con0: Give me your "LIKE" on Facebook!!!

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