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from Huawei CLI – header …

header { login | shell }

login – header text is displayed after you are trying to log into a device

shell – header text is displayed after you are successfully logged into a device

Example of configuring header login by using plain text:
[labnario]header login information %
The banner text supports 220 characters max, including the start and
the end character.If you want to enter more than this, use banner file
instead.Input banner text, and quit with the character '%':
welcome to labnario network lab!!!%

Remember that the initial and end characters must be the same. In this case % has been used. The interaction starts after you put % and then enter and automatically closes when you write your header text and put % again.

And now if you want to log into the device by telnet or ssh you will see the following prompt:

welcome to labnario network lab!!!

Login authentication


You will achieve the same result when you use the following command:

[labnario]header login file header.txt

But the only thing you have to remember about is to create this header.txt file and place it in memory of the device (flash or CFcard). How to upload files by FTP I was describing in the following post.

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