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CPU usage alarm threshold

Huawei AR routers have easy and effective CPU usage monitoring tool. They generate alarm, when CPU usage reaches 80%. When CPU usage falls to 75%, recovery usage alarm is generated again (clear alarm). This is a default behaviour, but these values can be easily changed in order to help optimize system performance and ensure system stability.

Let’s configure CPU usage alarm threshold as 85% and recovery usage alarm threshold as 80%. The following command can be used for that:

<labnario>system-view [labnario]set cpu-usage threshold 85 restore 80 Info: Succeeding in setting task cpu usage threshold 85 restore 80.

To check CPU usage alarm thresholds, we can use command:

[labnario]display cpu-usage configuration Master Board: The CPU usage monitor is turned on. The CPU thread usage monitor is turned on. The current monitor cycle is 10 seconds. The current monitor warning threshold is 85%. The current monitor restore threshold is 80%.

To restore the default the default CPU usage alarm thresholds:

[labnario]undo set cpu-usage threshold 85 restore 80

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