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how to upgrade stacked S5300 switches

When a single switch is upgraded, services are interrupted about 3 minutes. This time increases when a stack is upgraded. Methods of upgrading the system software of S5300 and S6300 are the same. We can focus on Huawei S5300 switch as an example. Let’s assume we have 2 switches in the stack.

<labnario> display stack
Stack topology type: Ring
Stack system MAC: 80fb-06b1-69eb
MAC switch delay time: 10 min
Stack reserved vlanid : 100
Slot#     role        Mac address      Priority   Device type
------    ----        --------------   ------     -------
    0     Master      80fb-06b1-69eb   100        S5352C-EI
    1     Standby     80fb-06ab-f6e3   120        S5352C-EI

At first you have to check a space of flash memory of the switch. If there is no enough space in the flash to fit a new system software, just delete the old (current) system software, for both Master and Member switches:

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