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Frame Relay interface on Huawei router

Let’s assume that we have a Frame Relay topology like in the picture below. We want to have full IP connectivity between our ‘labnario’ routers. To demonstrate, how to configure different types of Frame Relay interface, I will use:

  • physical serial interface on labnario1 router
  • logical point-to-point interface on labnario2 router
  • logical point-to-multipoint interface on labnario3 router.

Let’s start with labnario1 configuration.

[labnario1]interface Serial0/0/0
[labnario1-Serial0/0/0] link-protocol fr
[labnario1-Serial0/0/0] fr map ip 102 broadcast
[labnario1-Serial0/0/0] fr map ip 103 broadcast
[labnario1-Serial0/0/0] ip address

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