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error-down auto-recovery on Huawei switches

Some of you may know Cisco’s err-disable recovery feature, which allows to automatically bring a port from err-disable back to UP state. Huawei switches have similar functionality, which is called error-down auto-recovery.

There are five reasons a port can enter into error-down state:

  • BPDU protection
  • EFM threshold
  • EFM remote failure
  • Auto defend
  • Link flapping
  • MAC address flapping

Let’s take a look, how this feature works, in a network running STP, when BPDU protection is the reason that a port goes into DOWN state. If you are not familiar with BPDU protection feature, read my previous article “Protecting STP on Huawei switches”.

I have configured STP BPDU protection on the Ethernet 0/0/1 interface of labnarioSW1 switch as follows:

[labnarioSW1]int e0/0/1
[labnarioSW1-Ethernet0/0/1]stp edged-port enable
[labnarioSW1]stp bpdu-protection

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