Wednesday , August 10 2022

from Huawei CLI – schedule reboot

schedule reboot { at time | delay interval }

When can you use this command?

You can always use it 🙂

Seriously telling, you can use it in cases, when there is probability that your work and a new configuration can cause a device to be unavailable. Sometimes it is necessary to change a configuration of a device, which is not accessible by console, but only by remote connection. Specially if you are changing IP addresses or doing some experiments with access methods of the device. Even if you tested everything in your lab and you are sure that everything will go smoothly, it is better to remember about this function. People make mistakes. After you configured schedule reboot function, you are sure that all your mistakes can be repair by reboot of the device, with the restriction that the new configuration is not saved. Of course I am talking about some small or less important devices. For more important or crucial devices it is recommended to use console connection (console server).

Remember to turn this function off when you are sure that everything works properly!

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Huawei route preferences

Routing protocols are used to discover routes to a destination. Only one routing protocol at one time determines the optimal route to a destination.

What happens if we have different routes to the same destination learnt by different routing protocols?

When multiple routing information sources coexist on the same router, the router with the highest preference is selected as the optimal route.

Below you can find the default route preferences by each routing protocol (the smaller the value, the higher the preference is):

Of course you can change these default values manually.

But what happens if different routing protocols are configured with the same preference?

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Huawei enterprise network simulator

Huawei, to meet your expectations, recently announced the launch of an enterprise network simulation platform eNSP for ICT practitioners. This information you can find at official Huawei website.

To be honest, I have not tested it yet. If I find time I will do it this week. I have already installed this simulator on my notebook and it looks promising. We can build a network based on AR1200 routers and enterprise switches.

The only think you have to do is to register at Huawei website, download and install the simulator.

I forgot to mention that this simulator is completely for free.

To make it easy for you, below you can find a direct link to the Huawei eNSP:


Please feedback your comments if you test it. I would like to know your opinion.


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how to delete a telnet user

Sometimes we can meet such situation on a router or a switch:

 [labnario]display users
  User-Intf    Delay    Type   Network Address     AuthenStatus    AuthorcmdFlag
+ 34  VTY 0   00:00:00  TEL             pass           no      Username : huawei
  35  VTY 1   00:08:01  TEL             pass           no      Username : labnario
  36  VTY 2   00:07:38  TEL             pass           no      Username : killer
  37  VTY 3   00:07:00  TEL             pass           no      Username : killer
  38  VTY 4   00:01:34  TEL             pass           no      Username : labnario

By default, on Huawei device, there are 5 vty lines available. If all these lines are occupied by users, no other user is able to access the device. Such situation can appear in 2 cases:

  1. The device is fully occupied by telnet users.
  2. All telnet sessions are hang.

The first case is normal and it can often happen. Sessions will be deleted when users log out from the device or their sessions’ idle-timeout expires. By default idle-timeout is set to 10 minutes.

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Huawei datacom portfolio

Maybe it should have been shown at the beginning of this blog…

As you probably know, Huawei datacom devices are divided in 2 segments: Telco and Enterprise. But what you decide to choose depends on you. You do decide which device you want to use, regardless of it is intended for telco or enterprise. You know the best which device is appropriate for your network. Having detailed technical specification you are able to choose the device which meets your requirements.

For those who don’t know where to find information about Huawei’s portfolio, I am sending direct links to proper pages:

Huawei Telco

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